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Hi everyone just thought id post a couple of my autographed items which might be of interest. Nevermind CD Album by Nirvana signed on the front sleeve by Krist, Kurt and Dave. I got this piece signed in person at the 1992 Reading Festival and it was signed by the guys outside the media tent on the site. The second item is an undedicated 10x8 B&W signed photograph of Nirvana signed again by all three in blue marker. The photograph was taken during the bands photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine and believe the shoot this photo came from was done while the band were in Australia. Many autograph collectors will know that the band signed in so many other ways yet became more uniform in later years, maybe because they took things more seriously later on I don't know. What do you think to these two items? They are two pieces from a 300+ collection I have. I was lucky enough to tag along with a freelance photographer for a few years and gained a few autographs in the process inc 50 cent, Britney Spears, Kylie, INXS plus a few others. Thanks and hope you like the pics. Cheers Tim.

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Hi. So you must have some photos of nirvana at the gigs.

Hi Paul, Yes my mate the photographer John Hodges did give me some photos of Nirvana and the Reading set and also when they were at Wolfrun Hall Wolverhampton a year earlier. Sadly the photos were files on my old PC when me and my ex wife parted company I lost those few photos. To be honest I never really took photos of people signing and only have a few such photos as now everyone wants photographic provenance so it has to be done where possible.

I just asked for photos at the gig playing if you were freelancing.
I dont believe a word of this.

I'm 51 years old and not taken to telling lies to try and impress people. Just thought this site was different from a few others that's all and was hoping fellow collectors like myself no other reason.

Heard it all before.
Interesting pieces.

I wonder where on earth the signed photo would be copied from.

The nevermind signed cover is ridiculous!

The photo looks familiar for sure!!! ;)

Its not a copy it was purchased by me from Frasers Autographs based on the Strand in London at their Feb/March 1997 Autograph auction-I still have the til receipts and the auction catalogue! It seems to me no one knows anything on this site and think sod it think I will not bother. As for the Nevermind cover I got this in person Cobain and co were not Jesus they were quite approachable if you were patient enough to wait at the right place like the media tent on the site where the bands held interviews etc. The band signed in so many different ways early on their signed items have become a minefield, guess if you wanted mine could be examined for their finger prints which will still be present something that f****** prat Paul obviously doesn't have the intelligence to think about-duh!!!

Does anyone believe these Nirvana autographs are real? Does anyone believe Tim heath who would love to get, Adolf hitler in person from his wall is telling the truth?
Because i cetainly don't.
Tim, look i probably should have given you more of a chance, the photo does look to have characteristics of Nirvanas signatures but the nevermind seems of to me from all the othe guys who had nirvana sign for them, it doesn't compare.

Thats quite okay and no offence taken Paul :)


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