Can you tell me if this is a genuine autograph of Natalie Portman? Source of origin Swedish store Olaf Wolfson & s. Co. LTD. The autograph is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of this store. But there is practically no information about the Swedish autograph shop on the Internet. Some people buy autographs of this store presented by the dealer. Others don't believe in authenticity. The autograph is handwritten, but is it true that Natalie Portman's signature?

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I don't like it

The whole thing sounds very off to me, and I'm not exactly a fan of the signature. 

It all looks a bit shaky doesn’t it

agree with the others, no good IMO

Hi, had to wait for my account to be approved before I could comment on this but she usually signs "Natalie Port", not her full surname. I recommend running it past SWAU or Beckett online verification where you send a scan in. I'm pretty sure this probably is off for the aforementioned reason though, just because she doesn't sign that way even in private, sit-down signings and there are a very small amount of legitimate pieces out there outside of SWAU's signing.


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