Hello again,

After further research, given the previous odd looking Vivien signature I posted about; I bumped into these two, which I find have some good traits.

This first one was allegedly signed in the 1940s, and is also personalized at the bottom: 6f33a1b92e51972a3dbc225eebe5.jpeg

And this one is said to have been signed in 1935 by Vivien and two of her co-stars from the play The Mask of Virtue, which she played in London: 3466b4b72ca42aac664d8ad1fa4b.jpeg

What do you think?

I appreciate any of your feedback and thank you, once again, for your help :)

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Neither of these disturb me although both have some issues. First one is extremely light and the second on is overly rushed. Here is my Vivien.

Thank you Joe.

Yours looks pretty great! I'm sure if you frame it along with a nice photo, like you usually do, it'll look spectacular.

As to the "issues" you mentioned, would you consider them worrying regarding authenticity? 

They are both authentic, IMO. With that said, I believe the second one is far too for serious consideration.

Here is a link to my Vivien matted.

I see what you mean about the second one, thanks.

Your matted Vivien looks as amazing as I thought it would! ;)

I forgot to include the word "rushed" although you must have figured that out. :)

Thanks for the compliment on my Vivien.

Hi Cris :)

Here is mine.

And the playbill/program:

As far as the posted examples - I would keep looking. 

Hi Eric,

Yours is pretty awesome too! :D

About the other ones, would you say they look fake then?

I'd just keep looking. For a rare sig she is out there enough. Still tough. One of the most forged. Leigh, Lee, Lugosi, Garland etc. Gotta be careful. 

I understand. And yes, all the above you mention are commonly forged, and quite hard to find...

But still, if these I posted seem legit, despite quality issues, I wouldn't mind purchasing one of them. However, given these issues, I might need a little help to check they aren't overpriced.

Hi Cris,

for me, that is where the line of good price and quality (or lack of) is a major point. It is often said a good price fades, but quality or lack of remains. She is not that rare - I have had more sigs of hers than I can apparently remember from the early 40's to the early 60's. 

Personally, I would not say that Vivien Leigh autographs are rare. She was a willing signer. Although I will say that many are less that preferred quality. You get what you pay for. 



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