Hello there!

I am a longtime collector of in person autographs and autographs obtained through fanmail addresses. I'll be posting some more things as I get on into this group.

I've wanted to own a full set of Beatles autographs ever since I saw a beautiful framed set in Vegas about 10 years ago. I picked up Pete Best and Ringo by mail about 6 years ago but never did much work towards getting the rest of them.

Just this week I finally said I was going to bite the bullet and do it because I had wanted it for so long and lord knows I would regret it if I waited until both Paul and Ringo passed away or tried to wait until I was older and the 100th anniversary of The Beatles hits.

I picked up a 1967 set that has been authenticated by Caiazzo. The set has John, Paul, and Ringo on the back of a receipt dated September 15th 1967 and George on a seperate cut card also from the same week. The story is that they were filming Magical Mystery Tour when their bus pulled into a petrol station. J, P, and R pulled in behind the bus in a Rolls-Royce and signed for the attendant. George was asleep on the bus unfortunately so his signature was collected a few days later.

So what do you think folks?

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I am very happy!
Seems as though everyone likes the set and no one is worried about it. Thanks to all!
Happy for you Jeff.

Lovely, right down to the "4:30 pm".



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