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Has anyone gone to this? Does Nick sign similar to Roger before or after shows, or is it just hit or miss? I know he's a good signer from what I've seen online.

I plan to go to one of his shows and would like to get something signed. Any tips?

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I know how it was in three cities on previous tourleg.

I was in Leipzig - there he signed for about five minutes at the back entrance gate, it happened before the show (but I will not tell you precise time, because it doesnt matter as there is no regularity). We waited after the show too, but at that time he left the venue with his tourbus after the show. Lee Harris came to us before the show and one of my mates simply asked how large is the chance Nick would come to us. Nick came just a few mins later. Quite frankly - after getting Nick on my Wall booklet signed by RW and Gerald Scarfe few years ago, I had one of my "strongest" starstruck moments ever.

My mate was also in Berlin and Vienna. Berlin was a horrible mess. He signed before the show, but crowd was (according to his report) incredibly rude - he even saw someone hitting Nick to his face by some LP album. Lots of pushing…. simply awful. He got nothing that day, because of the overall situation. It was way too rough for him. He succeeded in Vienna, but this time it was after the show. I know about the guy who got Nick alone before the show, right when tourbus arrived at the venue, but he didnt sign after that (in time before the show). After the show he signed for quite a lot of people. Nick is nice and very patient guy, just try to stay calm, act with respect and he will sign one or two items. I know about people who probably got three or four pieces, but he obviously doesnt like that. One - without a problem, two - ok... but dont exploit his kindness.

Also - he has signed stuff in merch store. By the way - one "warning"…. try to avoid Guy Pratt´s signature on Floyd item (Pulse, Division Bell or Endless River) - it´s ugly as hell! My other mate got Endless River signed by Nick in beautiful way and Guy completely "killed" it by his signature…  :D 

Thanks for the reply. He does seem a lot more friendly than Roger. I got Roger on his last tour, ended up with 4 signed album covers (me and a friend went to the show, and they dont care about autographs so I was lucky enough to get 2 each time). I was definitely star struck by Roger... But with the security guards rushing you through, and being nervous about doing the wrong thing, or saying something stupid, it was almost like a blur and it didnt hit me till afterwards. Roger also didn't say much, he looked up and smiled the first time. Second time didnt even look up. But no complaints whatsoever. Its cool that such big names do that, especially considering probably more than half the people there were being paid to get autographs for dealers. 

I plan to go to his show, I'd just like to get him added to my albums... At least 1 or two if anything. Good to hear I have a chance.  I'm always respectful and never pushy. Although I had a guy keep trying to cut ahead of me in line at Rogers signing. I had to remind him that he was behind me after he stepped on my foot a few times. Rogers security keeps it very organized though. Id be mad if people did that and ruined it for everyone. Especially someone patient and who will sign for everyone if they stay calm. 

I never ever had a problem with RW. It´s about people staying calm. It´s incredible but in our city with RW, it was always RW, his manager (who is actually very fine guy if you keep his rules!) and us - not even hotel bodyguards. You can see it on photographs in my gallery - there is noone else around us, because noone else was needed. It´s about keeping the rules and at the Prague airport, when Roger left after his second show in Prague last year, his guy even thanked us, how patient and well-behaved fans we were, that it´s uncommon on their tour. I dont know why - I would expect our attitude as standard. One sign each, make a line, no handshake (which is actually NOT act of disrespect towards fans, lots of musicians dont want to do handshake simply because fans are pushing hands to hard and they need to keep their hands safe - and in our case we were always told about those rules - so actually people who tries to handshake RW´s hand break the rules which are set at the beginning), no touching, take a picture during signing and... be a fan…. it´s that simple! 

In Nick´s case it was far less organized in Leipzig to be honest than RW´s signing sessions which I had. It´s always about people… 

I´m sharing two pictures from his signing in Leipzig. I´ll try to get agreement from my friend to share some pics from Vienna. 

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One from Vienna.

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Awesome pics! Did he only use one marker color or like Roger have different colors? 

I'm surprised he didn't have security. I just read an interview with Roger where they asked if he was scared of being killed (when he used a private jet and saved those two children recently) and he said no, hes more scared of being killed by an obsessed fan, like John Lennon. 

When I got him it was in Chicago, maybe being a rougher city mattered. But he stayed in the SUV window rolled partially up, security guard on each side, and was parked behind the arenas fence. Then security outside the fence that made everyone line up and would only let one in as one went out. 

The only issues they had were people were paying homeless to get extra autographs and it was painfully obvious. Some people were getting in the end of the line again after getting things signed, and the 2nd day it started raining so people thought he would stop signing so they were getting a little pushy and crowding ahead. (That's when my foot kept getting stepped on). But it wasnt crazy or out of control by any means. 

I can understand the no handshake rule... I wouldn't want to shake that many people's hands either... if he got sick and had to cancel shows thats a multimillion of dollars lost. Not to mention like you said playing shows every night would be a lot of stress to your hands. 

Nick used what you gave to him. So be prepared with your own marker. From pictures I realized that he had his own marker too (black sharpie), but he used ours.  

Please let us know - which show are you going to see and how it went on.... Thanks.

hes getting worn down and his graph is getting pretty bad now good luck

It actually depends on item he signs - some he just rushes, some he does pretty carefully! 

Has he been pretty consistent in stopping?

I cant talk about other places than which I described. I have no info about other places, sorry. But it´s definitely worth trying. 



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