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Hi there everyone

Hoping someone can help

OK so I'm headed in a few days to Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets tour and I have a question for you legends

I'm new at this but Pink Floyd is my all time fave and this is the first time I'll have the pleasure of seeing one of them play live :)

Does he (Nick) sign things at his saucerful concerts?

If yes, is it best to get him before or after? I have absolutely no idea where I would go to to try to get an autograph so any help would be great thanks like I have no idea what direction to head at a concert to find him etc before or after?

This might sound funny but where do you go to see him to see if he might sign?

I know nothing. Do you get there hours before or do you go to a special place etc? Thanks

Thanks very much

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His website usually has a few signed posters, drumheads, etc available. Not sure what's offered at his shows though, I'm sure other members can elaborate. 

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it

Yeah I'm more interested to see if he will sign an item I have. Like sign at the concert when I'm there

Checking if he still signs

He has signed items in concert merchandise.

He made an extra kind gesture during last European tour in my city (and I have even bigger respect for him than I already had before!), but I dont want to write it here publicly. If you are interested, please PM, but dont share it anywhere please.  

Thanks. I have tried to add you so I can send you a message

Would you mind adding me please?

Thanks again:)

Any update from Australia? :)

Thanks for your help

Sadly his tour bus drove straight into the secure section of the venue with no way to access so no autographs at this one

Not even the vip holders had a meet and greet sadly

However amazing concert, great energy, great people, great music and just an unforgettable night

Loved it!

Did you get at least signed merchandise? 


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