I photographed the last night of Nick Mason's UK tour last night. On the merch stand (and the tour starts in Europe this weekend then goes to the USA), they have a small number of items signed by Nick - some really nice posters and a drum skin. Not cheap, but authentic and I had a good chat with the guys there and indeed looked through all of the posters before picking mine out. They aren't signed by the rest of the Saucerful of Secrets band but Guy Pratt's book is also available signed. Apparently these items can be purchased online too but the merch guy didn't know the website address. Posters were £50 signed, the drum skin is £65. 

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I can’t find these online, anybody else?

sorry Allginger, do you mean my photographs from the show? I don't have any of the merch stand and so far my own photos have only been shared with my agency and they will be shared with the band.

Yeah I meant of the show, no probs if you can’t share 

Here's a shot behind the mixing desk. Guildford UK

Here's one of mine :) Keeping it low-res as like Neil I shot this on a photo pass.

Hi Itf, nice shot. Where were you shooting from? I was told by the promoter I had the only photo pass when I went in, did the 1st 3 down at the front on my own then 2 at the mixer, no-one else was around. Regardless, there's a decent selection of signed merch available for folks to pick up on this tour.


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