Any feedback is appreciated. Through my own research I have found that silver pen signed items for Nirvana bring skepticism because the silver sharpie was not invented until after Kurts death soo most people just assume its fake, however silver paint pens like the deco paint pen were popular for autographing soo I don't think that alone will disqualify this piece, and I have compared a sharpie to the lines on these autographs and these autographs have a much thicker width than a sharpie produces. I have yet to get a Deco paint pen to compare. I also noticed that the hard rock café in las vegas has on display a leather jacket signed by Kurt in silver paint pen! I can post a pic if you want.  Let me know what you guys think.  Thanks in advance. Most authenticators I have pursued will not even try to authenticate Kurts signature because its soo difficult and they don't want to risk their reputation soo I don't know where else to try.

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just so u know i used silver and gold paint pens both fine and medium way before kurt died and i worked with his label dgc. im not giving an oppinion on that autographs just about pen use.

i have a tone of gnr stuff sone in silver ink and other acts



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