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Could anyone help me authenticating these Nirvana autographs please?

This was found in a loft in Paris.

That is the only info I have.

I have also attached another picture of a record found at the same place and time which is also signed.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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lots of people buy n sell stuff

even people on here buy n sell

what seems to be the problem mate?

Mate of yours?

It's explained why one party didn't buy both items in this thread Steve

Simon King said he had first pick and didn't want both. 

Did it ever occur to you that maybe he couldn't afford both items?
Or maybe he just simply only wanted one.
It's really not a mystery

Anyone here had the chance to buy the other one if they inquired. 
I just happened to be the first to respond and talk to Simon in private. 
Its really that simple folks

But again, it would be nice if Simon said a few words here. But maybe he doesn't wish to get involved in all this drama?

Still not authentic when you compare them to 93 examples or if you can find any 94 examples  I've seen 1 or 2.

I beg to differ

Both items are indeed 100% authentic

They perfectly match Nirvana sigs in every way possible throughout their short lived career

And the wheel keeps spinning lol


every example you posted is proof they are authentic

And Steve's example of the In Utero also matches to authentic sigs. In fact, it's one of the most famous authentic items known to exist and is probably worth about $25K

Your being spoon fed!

what is it you're showing us Paul?

I mean, what's your point?

The whole point is they don't match your boys examples. 


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