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Could anyone help me authenticating these Nirvana autographs please?

This was found in a loft in Paris.

That is the only info I have.

I have also attached another picture of a record found at the same place and time which is also signed.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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you said this Paul...

"I hate to be a tpa and presented with Nirvana graph!"

But it's obvious you don't have a problem voicing your opinions on these items. 

We call that given it the wink Rick!

 you said this Ryan...

"It’s hipocracy and it’s about money. Pure and simple. Nobody cares if Nirvana signed this. They only care if they can make money off it. And god damn if anyone else makes money off it. It’s a joke."

then you said this...
"Oh I offered this to Iconic as soon as I found out what the other one went for. Still haven’t heard back from them... why not? Easy money maker since the other was pre-screened by Beckett!"

This reads like you are willing to make a quick buck now. 

What changed your mind?

You may have misunderstood my point.

I meant... why would you offer it to Iconic for an easy money maker? 

If you are willing to make a quick buck, then why is it frowned upon if someone else does it?

And... why are you trying to sell it for double what you paid for it? If it's not about making money then why not just sell it for what you paid for it? Or just give it away and be done with it? 

I hope you see my points 

I wouldn't trust maser!

why would you not trust him?

All he did was buy an item that anyone could have bought. 

If someone else bought it, would you not trust them either?

Does is really matter to you if it was sold?

History goes way back! 

But goodcat IS Justin Maser, or am I missing something :-). 


you are definitely missing something

keep bringing on the assumptions and false accusations and add to the confusions  .... WOW that was right outta left field.

It's not hard for Steve to prove that Justin and goodcat are 2 different people in different countries. Especially easy since I have talked to Steve on the phone and we are connected on facebook

Allright my mistake and apologizes if that is the case. I could swear though your style is the same as N.Steiger aka Justin maser. Ink rarely lies ;-) but here it does I guess...:-)

I'm sure about one thing though, I wouldn't want the sets in the OP in my collection, authentic or not. And after all those years of collecting I also certainly know who not to buy from. 

apology accepted

I think one of the biggest problems is that people are associating the Nirvana item with the wrong person. Justin only bought and sold it. The original item came from a person in France. And anyone on AML had the chance to buy it. They were clearly marked for sale by Simon King as they were being offered to him to buy.

Then Ryan bought the other one at a much later date. Much later than the beginnings of this thread for everyone to read.

Please keep the focus where it belongs. 

Further.... my ONLY involvement was to send the contact information to the seller through Simon. And only for the purchase of one LP because Simon said he wanted one and had first choice.

For me, these items were no brainer authentic at first glance

Perhaps a little bit too contreversial for Maser to sell on his trusted generic description ebay listing( I obtain everything in person) this is nothing but , let's get it passed a tpa and make a buck! The ink stinks!


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