Thoughts on this? Looks no good to me. Anybody know any details on this?

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The seller hasn't disclosed which coa comes with this guitar.

COA issued by Legend Groups according to seller. Bought at the 2017 Rolling Stone Super Bowl party in Houston, TX.

Sounds unfortunate for the seller. Probably thought he was buying real without an understanding of the risks.

Looks like a masterpiece from Vegas !!!

The over the top framing is the dead giveaway!!!

All sizzle. No steak. 


whats the under /over that guitar was made after kurt died 

10000 to .05

No question it is undoubtedly fake.  Not only is it a fake, the forgeries aren’t even that good.  Looks like an “Antiquities”-type framed masterpiece. Lots of eye-catching framing, very little in terms of authentic autographs. Stay away. 

What caught me off guard was that it was one of three signed acoustics. There just not many signed Nirvana guitars out there.

Dont worry after the 3 are sold 3 more will be made. There are  very signed guitars and I'm notsure if any were signed on clean new guitars or just junky ones back then.

Here is the garbage line I got 



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