Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Did you receive an email confirmation right away?

I gave all info but did not get a confirmation nor do I see a charge on my creditcard yet.

Too bad they don't ship to Europe 

Thanks for posting this!  Called and got one - was even able to get 10% off with my B&N membership, so it was $31.01.   

Same here! $31.01 out the door being a member here as well! 

Thanks so much! I called and got one!

Just called and got one, sounds like some are still available, thank you!

Thanks-I got mine!

Shame they didn't secure any signed copies for the UK audience would have thought forbidden planet would get a limited run of them. I have a popverse membership and watched the panel and was hunting for a copy ever since. 

This was the quickest shipping ever.  Got my copy of Head Wounds already.  Hopefully the picture uploads. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I was at that store last night for a Ralph Macchio signing and they had 20+ signed copies of the Oscar Isaac graphic novel.

Big fan of this Oscar Isaac book. Looks great.

Stumbled upon this just now and its an instant order for me.. Im not a fan of SNL as much as I used to be but I still try to collect their signatures when I can.. shes actually one of the few I still liked before she left the show. Anyways here it is

Melissa Villaseñor




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