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Hello! Just came across this cd supposedly autographed by MJ. Seller is asking for about 388$, seems too good to be true. Any opinions on this? I also need opinions on these other two so ill also add those images.

Here is the one i was talking about:Second one:And lastly:

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Or does anyone know someone thats selling an authentic MJ autograph? Thanks!

$388 for Jackson? Should I say more? It is needed? Maybe I am dead wrong but this seem to me like being offered a $50 gold piece ($1800 just metal) for $10. Something seem wrong?

So sorry, but what do you mean by that?

Also the other 2 listed are around 1000+$

You can not buy MJ for $388. To do so would be extremely lucky.

Thanks for the explanation, got it.


Definitely agree 

The mj 88 one is fake.. See thread below.. It originates from a seller called cereal killer




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