Hello people,

I'm no expert at all but I saw these GEMS on sale for a very extremely low price...less than a KFC menu you know.

To my eyes, autographs seems made by the same hand, with the same pen, and in the same position in ALL of the CDs I'm posting here.

Ok maybe position changes but...what do you think?
Seller has many other items, starting from a very very few bucks.

"Should I stay or should I go" away from him?
Thanks for your attention

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Haha - I think the Oasis boys would love to have handwriting like that.

Your suspicions are spot on re Oasis and therefore probably the same on the others...

REM Thumbs down !!!!

I only looked at Liam and Noel Gallagher, and both of them are extremely convincing relative to their vintage signatures.

The Chris Cornell, Trent Reznor, Michael Stipe, all are very convincing to me.

I would have to spend more time before saying bad or good.

I think the Oasis is interesting. It’s definitely not an obvious fake. In fact if it isn’t real the forger has made a big effort. Mine is Epperson authenticated. 

Saying that I have my concerns. I’m not sure if 3 albums in Noel was signing so carefully. All the sigs have something about them which set off alarm bells. I’d be interested in more opinions. 

Here’s my REM, one of my favorite pieces.  Hope this helps.




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