Hello guys,

I'm thinking of buying these two items from K9GRAPHS.



I did my homework and am aware that K9 is a legit seller when it comes to SW stuff (as it comes from his own collection, to my understanding). Should I expect the same level of legitimacy for items non SW-related? I'm pretty interested in these two items and figure they aren't THAT expensive for legit items...

What do you guys think? The seller and these two items...

Thanks in advance!


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I have to say first that I don't know anything about k9. As far as the autographs go, however, I think I would pass personally. Now I know Pacino's autograph is now much more abbreviated. But the one you show could so easily be forged. For maybe just a little more you can find one on eBay that is PSA/DNA, even of the Godfather.

And the Ben Affleck looks really strange. From looking at examples, I know he has changed his autograph, but that one looks bad and appears to have a lot of hesitation in it. Again, on eBay, you can get a PSA/DNA one actually for even less.

Thanks James!

I may be a bit biased, but K9 has been one of my best friends for nearly 20 years. Not just friend in the hobby, but real best friend.

He is the only in- person chaser in NYC to trust completely. I can say that with complete confidence because I have been standing there watching many of the signatures get signed.

If you are a member of rebelscum, you will see many of his items offered on that forum by yours truly.  

This isn't how he makes a living, His ebay name may be a clue as to his real career (hmmmmm), he is offering his collecting skills as a service to collectors that can't get there. He just happens to get extras when he can, and he makes them available thru ebay and rebelscum.

I disagree Pete.  He is not the only in-person autograph dealer in New York City to trust completely.  He is definitely one to trust though.

I certainly have other friends in the city that I ask for help and there are trusted companies in NYC that have runners getting graphs all week long, every week. The key factor in my statement is that every single one of those other friends and other companies are only as strong as their parts.

This is probably a discussion for another thread, but lets face the facts....anyone doing this for a living and selling their scores to a graph dealer, is subject to a bad week. If they don't get autographs in the week what do they do? They have to eat and pay the rent......I have seen it time and again....they buy graphs from other guys in the streets or they forge and pass this garbage on into the system. The Dealers don't question their guys, they just buy it and list it for sale to the public.    

If it comes from K9, I would stake my reputation on it being real. There are plenty of guys in the city I like and trust, but I won't put my good name up against their every single item being without question.

With K9's stuff, I just did.    

You make a great point about the trustworthiness of an in-person autograph dealer being in the business more as a hobby and less as a primary source of income.

I have to agree with Pete. Occasionally IP collectors will get the shaky autograph due to many factors, crowds, moods, etc etc...

K9 is one of the best up there with skylinesignatures out of NY in terms of IP collectors.

I agree Kevin.

this is not a knock against the seller, but I have to say that the Pacino autograph is laughable.

I guess you haven't been in front of Al in the last 20 years?  I stood there and watched that graph get signed and I will post more of the stuff from that day when I get home from work.

Not discounting what you are saying, but that is what we are very used to getting from Al in the streets for a long time now.  

Yes, please do!



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