I am asking on behalf of a friend what you guys think of this Slash autograph. It comes with a COA from Autograph Pros Llc. I know nothing about his signature, but I want to make sure he doesn't waste his money.

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I have a hard time believing Autograph Pros sold that. Problem is with generic COAs like this you can never tell if it belonged to another photo originally.

I'll drop Mike Kasmar a line. He's good people.

I like him even better than Paul does!

I was only giving my opinion on the Slash graph ,not him.

I didn't even realize you gave an opinion on it! 

Thanks for all the help guys. I'm glad I came here before my friend wasted his money.
Hey Marshall,

This looks well and truly off mate. Slash has a distinct S which is similar to a figure 8 which is even more pronounced in the second S of his name.

Good luck.
This is not real at all
My Slash signed photo was removed from a special group , because apparently it was fake, but it sure looks 110 percent authentic than this. Just saying.
Thanks for reaching out to me Steve. I know this didn't come from me or my team. There's no purpose we'd get a b/w promo signed. Only way that was from us is if we bought it a long time ago in a group PSA lot. Either that or it was from the dj Erich Mancow Mullers' archive auction. I've never gotten a signature like that. I'll dig through my archives to see if I can find that. I also sent the image out for input from someone getting him before I was to see.
Is that your certificate Michael? If it is shouldn't it correspond to something.....

Slash signed photo. Pretty generic for record purposes.
Yes. That's an old COA. We continue to try to make improvements over the years such as the attached.

I don't know how old that is, but it's not unusual for an old COA from a dealer.

Dealer COAs are not like third-party authenticator COAs. They're for the original purchaser only, and are a statement of the dealer's guarantee to that person.

If the customer finds that the item they bought is likely not genuine, that COA and their purchase receipt are returned with the autograph for a refund under the guarantee.



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