I am asking on behalf of a friend what you guys think of this Slash autograph. It comes with a COA from Autograph Pros Llc. I know nothing about his signature, but I want to make sure he doesn't waste his money.

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True Steve, but the dealer should then have records to who would have purchased it? I assume records to what the autograph was past the basic "Slash Signed Photo", Which isn't a knock against Michael, because I have seen these type of COA's before, but it is so easy to take a COA like that and pair it with anything to trick someone...Real wild west stuff back in the day I guess.

That's a good point, Adam. They would have given a receipt to the customer. If this seller bought it from Autograph Pros, they should still have their receipt if they have the COA. 

Marshall, can you friend ask if the seller bought it from them and if they have the receipt that came with it?

I asked him how he found out about this autograph. He sent me this link https://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Autographed-Framed-Picture-of...

I had no clue that goodwill even had an auction site. With that being said, he hasn't received a response with who gave it to them to sell. I know it's not much help, but I am hoping he gets a response.

Not only that Adam, we've also had guitars with our hologram on them have the pickguard swapped out for a forgery.  Again, we've tried to advance and keep up with all the tricks the criminals throw at us.  A lot of people don't like holograms on their items so now we put photos on the COAs.

Michael, yeah holograms and stickers are indeed a tricky subject as most collectors can be put off from them...Even just a picture on a COA can be forged.

I think stickers not visible is OKish. I don't really have a better suggestion other than an online database like PSA.
Rockawayrecords get their items checked by tpa's and only issue you a rock away coa, or sometimes an option to purchase a coa from tpa.
How can someone sell that Slash, who is suppose to be in the know about obtaining graphs from artist. Pass it off aa a sreet graph.

This was definitely one of our products from 10 years ago.  I was able to go through all of our images and sort by date.  According to my records this came from Erich Mancow Muller's autograph collection which was auctioned off and we bid on a lot that contained this and several other autographs.  In our archives the image name is -mm for Mancow Muller and the image scanned on the same date is a photo of Erich with Slash which I think came with that lot.  I don't recall any other items from what I purchased from that ever having an issue but I agree with this looking off.  I know others purchased from that auction so has anyone had issue with any of their items from that event?  I know Slash can give out bad autographs but having gotten a lot more in the past 10 years, we never received one like that.  


I'm always very cautious when giving opinions on signatures because as shown in these images, people can just do funky things.  The left top is Gavin Rossdale..both authentic in-person.  The next is Bruce Springsteen every letter, again an authentic but not anything like what's given on the streets.  The right is the recent Oliver Stone books that were paid for limited edition books and that's how he decided to sign them.  The president of Premier Collectibles was there to witness.  Note how he starts his autograph on the O from a completely different location and looping and how different the S looks. Insane as he was getting paid for doing these from the sales of this limited edition book.  Lastly is an example of a crap Slash autograph on the bottom.  To be clear, not making excuses for this autograph either way as more research needs to be done.  I've friend requested and sent a message to Mancow on FB.  I've also asked John Brennan and so far his reply was could be a messy one but doesn't make sense and looks bad.  If it turns out it's bad I'll contact the customer and offer them a refund myself.  

having know and worked with them for a few years i can say not even close .not even sloppy or drunk.

alot off wierd stuff can happen  on the way to radio station employes unless he sees it signed in front of them and  most of the time there not. there sent from the bands offices, so with other promo stuff.

i know so many horrow storries of fakes being sent as real just becuase there sent from there office.

Premier collectibles, thanks for the Brian wilson auto pen book!
You think that Premier autopen debacle was bad enough on its own, but that autopen is such a classic, they put it on Brian's website!

more horrow stories that people will never know and no i cant say from who they are sorry.

a major record companies mail room in the 80s some of the guys would answer the mail request for charity stuff and sign vinyl and send it back the lable heads had know idea.

a major rock star still a top draw now  there office would sign stuff for charity and becuase they did they thought it was the same as if the artist actualy signed it i and it came with a coa from the artist.when we spoke i explained that was so wrong and they said we rep him no biggie. this was in the 90s



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