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Not for me

If you take a very close look it appears slowly drawn

does it look shaky to you?  it does to me, that is why I posted it.

Slow and shaky to me.

It does look slow and shaky, letter uniform pen pressure, no trailing, etc. It's a great one to point out though. It's one of those that falls apart even more once you spend some time on it. Great warning sign for newer collectors.

It’s on eBay currently with supposed LOAs from three of the best.  But I thought it looked shaky which is why I posted it. 

Are there pictures of the LOA’s?

Did they give the name of these three top TPAs?

Maybe they meant Lies of Authenticity.

Interesting. Usually Elvis discussions bring a lot of different comments. Maybe I hit a nerve 

I would still avoid it.

Odds are I’m wrong on it. So shaky. 

Personal to me it doesn't look "slowly" so much. As I can see, "Sincerely" and "Elvis" were written in fast tempo. It's definitely looks like on Elvis' handwriting, but also I can see unusual "r" (he wrote "r" like this in very rare cases; in his signature usually his "r" looks like on "s"). Plus, I can see some other a little atypical things, but honestly it's not scare me.

I don't know if it's a quality of the photo or something like this, but ink looks like sooo "brand-new", like it was signed yesterday or even a several hours ago. I don't know maybe in the life it looks much different, but on this photo it's scare me.

Anyway, the shapes, sizes and angles is correct, it's definitely Elvis' handwriting style... If it's "ok" with the inks I'd say it's an authentic Elvis.

It looks a lot of ink and "detours" to be signed in fast tempo IMO.


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