I thought that it would be interesting to create a discussion that would allow members to share their original comic and sports art.  I have recently expanded my autograph collection to include original comic and sports art.  The hobby seems to be growing in popularity.  There is a growing interest in not only commissioning artists to produce original works, but to also have the original works autographed.  I am currently undecided about having original comic and sports art autographed, and would be interested to hear the opinions of other members on this topic.  I am considering it for a few of my pieces.  I will get things started.

The Batman is a pencil and ink drawing by Neal Adams.  Neal is a comic artist based in Manhattan.  It is 14” x 11”.  The Indiana Jones is a marker drawing by Eric Lehtonen.  Eric is a comic artist based in Long Island.  It is also 14” x 11”.  The Lando Calrissian is a painting by Kevin Liell.  Kevin is a comic artist based in Connecticut.  It is 8” x 10”.  

I would not consider having the Batman drawing autographed, but I am considering having the Indiana Jones drawing and Lando Calrissian painting autographed.  My concern is that the autographs would detract from the original art.

Any contributions to this discussion would be most welcome.  Enjoy!

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Interesting collection. I do collect comic sketches and autographs of the author/artist as well. However my collection is solely based on vintage comics or cartoons, ie Blondie, Popeye, Dennis the Menace, etc. I probably have a collection of 25-30, too many to mention.



Thanks for the reply, Jorge.  It sounds like a very unique collection.

I commissioned Eric Lehtonen to do this drawing for me back in May.  I had been thinking about this idea since last year.  I finally picked it up this afternoon.  This is one that I probably would not have autographed, even if the opportunity presented itself.

Neat stuff, Mike. Years ago I commissioned an artist to create graphite drawings for me to mat with signatures. I still have a few around that need autographs. Here's my Steve McQueen created in 2003 that I haven't matched with a signature yet.

That looks amazing!  I always believed that autograph collectors would build collections of original art as well.  I am glad that Steve agreed to add a forum category for comic autographs and art.

I collect way to much comic related--sport--hollywood

sports are my fav

I love multi-signed pieces and have a few books that have signatures and quick head sketches 

if I can learn how to upload onto here iii drop some of them here

Great collection, John.  Thanks for sharing.

THE OTHER PHOTOS ARE IN A BOOK I COLLECT..the last one is a poster size marker drawing l won at a raffle...



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