I am considering buying a rare and unique Ovation guitar which is not available anymore.

This guitar has 14 guitarists signed on the reverse including BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, George Benson etc

It includes authentication from Ovation on the uniqueness of the guitar and authenticity of the signatures from a leading expert.

Soooo, what's it worth?

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 I did ask the owner how he displayed it and why sign on the back. Basically it needs a mirror or 2 in a corner wall to display both sides but I agree about signing on the front, however, the front is beautiful in itself.

This guitar in itself is unique. I have the certification from Ovation confirming this which I tried to post but it won't so I'm guessing it's too big. The autographs are on the back and the side because the front of the guitar is so beautiful and one piece of wood, other Ovations are made of 2 pieces and so have a join line in the middle. This one has  a headstock matching the maple of the guitar body, others are a different wood and a different colour, the hardware are made of gold and has abalone fret inlays and the sound holes are made of multi exotic hardwoods.

So a value anybody ? Is 2,500 USD unreasonable?

A basic model of this guitar, not this customised one , sells at around 300 USD if that helps.

I suppose it's a bit more complex if the guitar itself is high quality and collectible. Curious to see if any guitar-savvy collectors are on this forum.

I'm no guitar expert but I don't think Ovation are high end, it's just that this one is slightly more valuable than the basic model but it's value now is really in the autographs as no one will play it in case they damage the signatures though it has been sprayed with a clear lacquer.

I need to make a decision soon, as in the next few hours, come on Rich help me out, if the signatures are genuine is it worth 2,500 USD. ?

Lynn who worked for J L Hooker in the 90's has confirmed on another thread in this forum that his autograph is also genuine in her opinion.

So I have verification from Autograph pros, Opinion of Authenticity and a member of JLH's staff for one autograph. Good enough for me.

I guess I'm leery of commenting much because I don't collect much beyond flats and have no idea how to price signed guitars of any sort. But, in general, I would think that for an item like this with the names listed, assuming it did actually come from Autograph Pros (who is usually quite expensive) - $2500 seems legit for a nice signed guitar that includes such big names, including some deceased blues legends.

Thanks Rich

The guitar never came from there, just the authenticity. I'm buying it from the owner who obtained all these himself. I've spoke at length to him in many emails about how and why he acquired them and I will meet him tomorrow.

Well, I've bought the guitar after a lot of deliberation, how do you value an item like that?

Thanks for all the interest and replies.


I'll upload the images Monday if you want. Send the zip or them to editor@autographmagazine.com.

Sent, thanks.

I own many autographed guitars and It can be very difficult to determine value.  As a starting point I look at the value of the guitar unsigned and go from there.  Autographed guitars make great display pieces but you have to be very selective on the ones you buy.  If you think it is worth it then that's all that matters.

Good point TW about the guitar but this particular model is unique with the unique features being confirmed in a letter from Ovation which is too big to attach here as it's 8kb.

The guitar images are posted at the top of the page, Kevin.



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