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Good morning everyone. I was browsing through some autographs on EBay when I found this gem of a seller. Currently this guy is selling a very convincing copy of Animals signed by the entire past Pink Floyd lineup for a bargain price of $125! All jokes aside, if you browse through his sold listings, he’s conned a lot of people out of a lot of money, with countless more Floyd/Zeppelin/AC/DC/Nirvana items. Do the eBay community and report this scumbag. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%...

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ebay doesn't care

The description said -'Serious Buyers Only'.  Only conclusion I could take is that the buyer wasn't.

Reported the dirtbag.

As of today, 1/29, the copy of Animals mentioned above was sold and another person was conned out of their money.

A quick look at sold items from this seller should be enough for anyone. Who has 8 or so fully signed Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, Nirvana...I lost count. And $95-$125. A minimum amount of research would prevent this. Folks don't the value of what they seek. If you know the value, you won't be thinking you are buying a $1000 Snoopy drawing for $100. You can see this coming w/o looking at the signatures. And about those "sigs" - nearly all the Floyd albums signed with same placement, same pen...

RESEARCH. Only you can prevent...forest fires. 

Thanks for the lecture m8; I'm not the one who bought them.

I was not actually talking to you personally OK_Android. From your own posts in this thread that you started - why would you think I was? I can see you know better that to buy this junk. I was speaking to "anyone", "folks" and the general "you", not you, OKAndroid.

Sorry for the misinterpretation. It just burns me up that this guy has made a few thousand dollars from people who actually work for a living. Admittedly, you have to be pretty daft to think these autos are legit. With that said, it astounds me eBay hasn't intervened yet. 

EBay doesn' care. They get paid any way

I don’t think Eric was lecturing you. Just commenting on a very common theme here that we all have strong opinions about. A lot of the issues in the biz would be easily corrected if folks just used some common sense. And I’m not directing that at you. 

Then again, everyone is so angry these days and quick to take things out of context online (myself included). I’ve basically self-censored to the point that I barely bother to post publicly anymore.

BUT, there’s an incredible asswad who has got me fired up on another public forum that has me online today. So there.

That is all.


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