I recently posted a picture of a Paul Mccartney autograph, which i purchased from a top UK autograph company. The replies suggested i should return it.  The company was very helpful, and said that they would either refund my money, or offer me a replacement at the same fee.

This is the item they offered as a replacement "The Mccartney Interviews LP -Signed.

Do you think its genuine?


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I do not think it is genuine, but lets see if Roger can offer his opinion.

I am no expert but would get my money back.

Yes. I rather get my money back and try to find one that I like somewhere else.

DEFINITELY a forgery! All the tell-tale signs: the "all the best" and smiley-face "y". Not a bad forgery, but a forgery nonetheless.

OK, thanks guys. Looks as though it has to go back.

Roger, do you agree with the posts?

Your opinion/confirmation would be much appreciated! 


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