Need help with this one. I'm getting better with his older signatures but still very much a virgin with his newer styles.  Supposedly signed on a piece of regular paper in 2005.  If real, what is this worth? $200? I would say.  Thank you all.


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I think it's real, and probably worth a few hundred dollars.

idk about this. I hate pieces of paper. Why would this exist? Forger's just grab stacks of paper and go to town then pick the best ones... I'd stay away from it, it looks weird.

Thanks guys. I'm not a fan of paper signatures either but am trying to get an affordable beatle signature in my collection.  One thing I guess I could argue is that someone may have met Paul on the fly and only could get a piece of paper for him to sign.  But I do agree with you Steiger, it makes me suspicious. I compared this one to other same era signature and it looks good though, nice flow and signature has authority. I will wait to see others chime in.  Ballroom and terrier seem to have a lot of experience as well.  Again, thanks guys.

I would stay away from this, even if it could be authentic.
If you just want a Macca sig you'll be better off at for example
Ok, the cheapest one is more than double the price of this paper but value is much higher and you can be absolutely sure these are real. Maybe they even accept best offers.

Thank you Bjorn.  I know the quality of the signature isn't great because it does look rushed. As much as I would love to own a signature from the link you posted, It is currently out of my budget.  I usually trade for items when my funds are low and I have the opportunity to trade some stuff for the Paul I pictured.  I was offered the signature for $300.00 worth of trades in NHL and KHL items.

I don't like it, Ben. It's not authentic, IMO. Both the Paul and the McCartney have enough strange characteristics to make me question it. Even if real, I would rather have a nicer example in my collection where there is no doubt as to authenticity.

I don't like it either

You guys are the best.  I learn every day here and if it wasn't for you guys, I could be in trouble.  Thank you thank you.

Put me in the no side. That A area and the M I cant stand.

there are enough positives with this signature that it could be authentic. it looks like the photo was taken at an angle so it looks a little squished.  But its not an attractive signature, even if authentic.  I wouldn't want it.



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