Dear all,

I am new to this community so hi to all.

I am from Germany and mainly a vinyl collector so autographs are an unfamiliar territory for me. Recently, I was at a flea market and browsing through a huge box of several hundred 7" singles. There was some cool stuff mostly from the 80s like Tom Waits, Depeche Mode and so on.

Then a single from Paul McCartney (My Brave Face) that was signed catched my eye. Not being a Paul McCartney expert, I wasn't aware of this release and wasn't sure if the autograph could be authentic. Still, I bought it because each single was the same price (a few bucks).

So my question is, is this autograph is real? What do you think? And if it is real, what do you think its worth?

Thank you :-)

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Congratulations - you now own a genuine Paul McCartney signed 45. It is a superb McCartney autograph. This example would sell between $250 - $500, possibly more, in my opinion, depending on condition.

It looks good to me too. Nice find!
I moved this to the Beatles forum.

I think it's OK...

Lucky me, thank you for your opinions.

The condiction of the sleeve is quite good, VG+ I would say. However, the media has several scratches. Does this matter in this case? I could buy the same single again in better condition (same release of course) and could replace the media.

Collecting-wise, it's the original set (sleeve & 45) with your great story behind it  It wouldn't bother me if the record wasn't mint; the gem is the signed sleeve.

If somewhere along your record-collecting travels you find a duplicate record in pristine condition, it won't much matter: the autograph will always be the star of the collection.

Keep them together, celebrate your good 'fortune' and enjoy.

Thank you for your kind words, Jim.

What amazing luck!

Lovely and a great find. Congratulations! I love these stories. As good contrast as one could get with this image.

Well done - herzlichen Glückwunsch. I can imagine where this came from. Greetings from Hagen.

Hi Thorsten, thank you! What do you mean by that?

Greetings from Duesseldorf

Das war vermutlich eine Promo Aktion - rund um den Auftritt bei Mensch Meier in Köln im April 1989. Dort wurde die Nummer als neue Single vorgestellt. Super Ding.

Hi Thorsten,

thank you for this interesting information. If you don't mind I post your reply in English again so others can join the discussion:

"That was probably a promotional campaign - around the performance at Mensch Meier in Cologne, Germany in April 1989. There the song was presented as a new single. Great Thing."

@Thorsten: Did you also go there to get Paul's signature? Do you know if this promo event has also taken place in other cities/places in Germany or Europe? Best regards


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