The Paul McCartney signed deluxe edition book orders, which were cancelled by Hatchards upon release are now being sold in store only for 10K.

A few people, including myself, placed an order for the book in September 2021 @750 GBP. Those orders were cancelled a few days later, arguing that 'a system error on our website resulted in more copies of The Lyrics Deluxe Edition being released for sale than we physically have allocated by the publisher'.

Clearly this was a big fat lie as Hatchards now magically have a few copies in stock - eg the cancelled orders - that they deemed acceptable to price at 10K GBP each.

Coming from a rogue bookstore I could have understood, but is this what Waterstones stand for these days - corporate greed and customer contempt? As a customer, I do feel undervalued, aggrieved and insulted, as well as blatantly deceived and defrauded, as I'm sure anyone else having had their order cancelled would feel right now.

I took a picture of the notice board outside the Hatchards shop last Thursday (26 January). Clearly they do not want this publicized online as I am sure this is in breach of their publisher's agreement and as they are no doubt aware - ethically wrong. I did reach out to the store and got a dismissive reply. I will now explore the possibility of a taking them to court to chase compensation, and I invite anyone who have had their order cancelled to follow suit and give them the hell they deserve. We exposed Bob Dylan for his shady practices, Waterstones/Hatchards will not get away with it.

You can DM me if you require more information.

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That is 100% messed up and wrong... they clearly robbed those orders from the public. Even if they had acquired them legitimately, they should have done the right thing and fulfilled the original orders that had been canceled.

Give 'em hell, Dan!

System error = CEO wants a 2023 Lamborghini so  We'll sit on these for 18 months and sell them at 14 x the original £750.00 overinflated price....

I hope you take them to the cleaners ! 

Does anyone have the details of the Paul McCartney management?

Truly disturbing. I paid $2000 US when they first came out and was a little disappointed by the sloppy signature, to be honest. I wonder if there will be signed editions of his new photography book?

Apparently not. But worth keeping an eye anyway.

Not YET… Everyone is getting so greedy with these rock stars dropping like flies. Has anyone else noticed all the fake David Crosbys on eBay now?

I’ve been told lyrics was the last thing he would never sign.

Legally btw I doubt you can do much. You paid £750 and got it back putting you back where you started contractually. You have no loss beyond the theoretical higher value of the item now. Been a v long time since I did contract law and I am not a lawyer (and this is not legal advice!) but I think it’s a non starter, immoral or otherwise. 

There is a moral distress issue here, and in any case I will take this as far as I possibly and legally can, and expose the story everywhere I can because unless we call out shady practices like these they will carry on doing it. Let's call it the Dylan syndrome.

All I can say is I think you're right to make a noise about it because it's unethical but I think legally you're probably not going to get anywhere as you're back in the position you started in when they refunded your money, if they ever took it in the first place, so you've had no loss.

Offering to sell something for price x is known as an "invitation to treat". You can bore yourself with the detail here -

You'll be down to their T&Cs, which you can bet will be watertight on this matter.

I'm aware of this, but quite frankly I want them to think twice next time before they do something similar. And who would have thought this forum would expose Bob Dylan? Watch this space.

OK just don’t spend money on lawyers you won’t get back! :)



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