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I bought this item several years ago.  I'd like to get some opinions about it's chances of being authentic.  I bought it from a company named "Grafferman Autographs.  I know little to nothing about them.

I did some online research to look at authentic examples of his signature.  My reasearch was inconclusive.  It looks pretty good.  But I'd still like to get some fresh eyes, and minds  on this one.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback on this one, if you would be so kind. 


Patrick Michael Bratcher  (Mike)

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Love how you think!

I love and respect the wonderful showbusiness professionals that have brought so much to my life.  I want to honor them and their work by preserving their legacies. I'm  not in it for the money.  I owe great debts of gratitude to people like James Stewart, James Cagney, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Edward G Robinson, and on and on.  These people have been my friends, and family all my life.  They just didn't know it.  But that's ok.  They gave us what they loved, and what they were good at, and what they worked hard at.  They gave us themselves.  What a wonderful gift.  And  rich that has made me.  Now, I want to give them something back, Honor,  thanks. and a forever home my heart, and my life.

So I'm just doing what seems to come naturally to me.  



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