Any thoughts on these signed CD's off eBay?

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I may have figured this out: Beatleworld is in the UK. There's a Beatles specialist in Europe that can tell eBay something is fake and they'll take it down. To say he doesn't like Frank and Tracks is like saying Nancy Pilosi doesn't like Trump. 



So that’s with those hats say!

Here's another Cavern Club litho...

Ha ha seller mentions only 20 were signed !!! We must have already seen all 20!!!

I agree, and it’s seller advancedbuyersmarkets again. The last one sold for $725.

It’s down to $799.99 OBO. A real one would sell very quickly at that asking price.

It appears that NGU Memorabilia is attempting to drop ship this one, which unfortunately is still available on eBay for $3,199.99 OBO.

I found a couple more on eBay a few days ago. Someone in Indiana, I think, had them. I was going to post the links but I figured it's old news. 

Perry and Frank issued a few letters for this variation, and I believe have cut it off at that, which is commendable. But PSA appears to keep on going and going and going. It's like they fired a gun toward their feet, but it's the slowest-moving bullet ever. (They shot themselves in the foot but don't know it yet.)

I agree that certing a batch of them at this point is a bit much. They’re definitely “McCartney challenged.”

The Cavern Live litho above was just listed on eBay for $9K with a JSA LOA dated 10/20/21.



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