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Hello everyone,

I took a slight gamble on this today at my local record store. I know nothing about Peter, Paul, & Mary autographs and I’m hoping someone could give me an opinion!

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Maybe signed way back if that’s in ballpoint pen.  Doesn’t look like much of an autograph from Mary, I’d have to look at mine later, but I bet it’s legit.  Noel Paul Stookey on right looks good to me at the moment and probably Peter as well.  Will glance at mine later and get back.

Thanks a lot, Todd, I really appreciate the feedback!

Here's a few examples with a fuller Mary on one, seems she stopped at Mary T on your item, still in one ink line in how she forms an 'x' in the T.  Peter and Paul are full of loops in their signature but seem to be pretty consistent and can see similarities in your piece...same style 'P' and the end of Yarrow looking like 'air', and the same patterns in Stookey's autograph though it's not so legible to the rest of us like Yarrow's is.  They've been good signers over the years, the guys for sure, so I trust your piece is legit.

Ever since Mary passed, I don't think the guys have done too many shows together these days, and Paul still makes it to Dallas once in a while, but Peter hadn't in quite a while, but he had a show in some small town venue a few hours east of Dallas that we had to go add him to a few items.  Maybe we looked out of place in Winnsboro Tx or he felt like a wanted man cause he asked How'd you know I was here? :)


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