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Personally I had a phenomenal year and hope you did too.

There is always room for improvement.



my *****MISSES and woulda shoulda couldas:*****

.Liam Gallagher (should have got my cousins in Ireland to receive it for me)

.RHCP (would not mail to Canada)

.Yardbirds (saw it as soon as Marshall Slayton posted it but foolishly stood down as I'm not a Clapton fan, and had hoped it would be Jimmy Page signed, AND I missed the limited to 100 clause...Ooops,.. (Hope you got the one I didn't though lol)

*****JOKE OF THE YEAR:*****

.Bob Dylan autopen !!!

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A week ago, I would have nominated PJ Harvey as my biggest miss of 2022 — I put in many hours of searching, and came up empty each time — but in recent days I’ve found myself with not one but two signed books from her, both at face value.

Actual misses:

— My Def Leppard order was cancelled, despite Recordstore honouring orders placed after mine.  That was annoying.

— RHCP was cancelled because Streetlight Records are incompetent fools.

— I had the Rowling/Galbraith book in my basket, but couldn’t check out quick enough.  No one to blame but myself in that instance.

None of these misses were biggies, for me.  They were all just-for-the-heck-of-it type orders, not anyone I’m a massive fan of, so not too upset.

The Dylan book was a disappointment.  I don’t buy the argument for one second that he isn’t aware of what is being sold in his name.  If he’s not, he damn well should be.  You can guarantee he’d have been happy to see the money in his bank account.  I’m no longer a teenager, and I don’t feel the need to defend my favourite artists in the schoolyard.  This was a major misstep, and he’s lost a lot of goodwill with me over this scam.

But Joke of the Year has to go to Universal Music U.K. for their dreadful customer service in acting as the official Taylor Swift online store.  I’ve documented my woes with them fully elsewhere on this forum, so I won’t go into it all again here.  Borderline criminal in their business practices.

Hey Stepeanut, totally agree with:

 "RHCP was cancelled because Streetlight Records are incompetent fools"

They still haven't fully reimbursed me for the cancellation!


"The Dylan book was a disappointment.  I don’t buy the argument for one second that he isn’t aware of what is being sold in his name".

Still can't believe Dylan succumbed to greed and autopen!

My misses so far:

-Def Leppard signed album pre-order. Slept on it since I haven't listened to them for a long time. I gave up on it since re-sellers charge too much, and I've already pre-ordered their signed book Definitely.

-RHCP signed CD. Sold out way too quick. Prices from re-sellers way too high.

-Avril Lavigne signed CD. Also slept on this one, will probably get it from a re-seller this year, but not sure. Better stuff keeps popping up all the time.

-Disturbed - Divisive autographed vinyl record. This one was really disappointing, since the store canceled my order for no reason and they didn't reply back until after all the copies were sold out.

-Slipknot signed CDs. It sold out way too quickly, but after I saw how they look and who signed, I wasn't disappointed, especially since I got separate signatures this year from Corey, Jay and Sid.

Overall didn't really miss too much this year. Have gotten everything I wanted, so much so that I've decided to try and limit myself, or else I'll run out of room for other stuff that I like to collect! hehehe

Jokes of the year:

-Fake dodgy signature on a Bono book with a fake 'Signed Copy' sticker from an all-too-real seller on eBay! God damn it surprises me how far people will go to make a quick buck.

-RHCP signed card split into four pieces, each piece sold for over 200$+ on eBay with a plastic frame. God damn that was just gory. I feel so bad for that signed card that got chopped up like bread.

-Fake autographs website Coaches Corner selling ten "autographed Beatles albums" a week this year. I'm surprised these fraudsters are still alive and kicking. I'm not a Beatles expert but you don't even have to look more than 2 minutes to see that each and every listing there is faker than the fake news these days. 

Hey  Yony Mark +1 to your comment:

" I've decided to try and limit myself, or else I'll run out of room for other stuff that I like to collect! "

For me personally, it's room and MONEY !!! lol

Yeah it's hard to keep up with all the deals released all the time hehe

I'm personally trying to focus on certain artists and types of products, or else I'll spent over 200$+ dollars a week hahaha

Pretty successful year overall, but there are two notable misses for me:

Robert Galbraith (Rowling). Huge fan of the Cormoran Strike novels, and would've loved to get one -- but alas, my phone's screen decided to die (went totally black) and I ran to my service provider to replace it under warranty. I was gone for an hour, and missed it by an hour.

Eminem -- Both notifications -- from the official site and here -- went off for Curtain Call 2 in my pocket as I was driving. By the time I finally stopped the car -- gone. I'm not too worried about him though, since he seems to drop signed items once or twice a year. Hopefully the next drop won't be a $1000 plaque. 

Joke of the year is obviously Dylan. A $600 autopen signature deserves to be mocked and laughed out of the room.

Hey  Marshall Slayton,

glad to hear you had a successful year.

I wish I could travel back in time to May 27 - you posted Yardbirds.

I saw your post within minutes of you posting it too!

I foolishly stood down because I wished it was Jimmy Page instead of Clapton.

I would have told my sulking self at the time...it doesn't matter that it's not Jimmy Page...buy it buy it buy it...especially since it was limited to 100... oh well...onward and upward !!!

Thanks, but that one was plain luck. I seemed to have caught the Yardbirds posting within a half-hour of it being listed, and they buried who actually signed it in the description. (Other forums like Reddit didn't catch wind of it, either, so quite a few of us were able to get one.) I don't usually find hidden treasures like that, but if I do, I bring it here. 

Sorry you missed out. Maybe next time.

 well you sure made a lot of Clapton fans happy Marshall Slayton

When I saw your post within minutes of you posting it, I was sooooo hoping it would be

Yardbirds '68 - Signed deluxe box set

I had it sitting in the cart, and then foolishly said to myself

"Nah...I like Jimmy Page waaaaay more than Clapton, I'll empty the cart".

The only thing that makes me feel good is the consolation that perhaps one of our

fellow AutographLive friends picked up the one I put back out there...!

Near Misses

The Yardbirds Heart Full of Soul - Sold out while checking out but thank you Marshall Slayton for the notice. Olivia Newton John CD Live in Las Vegas - Sold out while checking out but thank you REM for the notice.


Joke of the Year

There was a joke on me for ordering and receiving a smudged signed CD and a CD that was not even signed. Both were the Miranda Lambert Palomino release sold by Sanity.


Overall, very good year. Best acquisition from Autographlive was Brian Johnson’s book. Thank you SS for the notice.


Best deal was the Little Big Town Mr. Sun release from TalkShopLive. I got the CD, signed 11 by 11 print, and signed art card all for $11.98 and all four signatures on both were nice. Thank you KD.


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