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- Hi

i have interest in this ebay item Pink Floyd due. In your opinion the autographs (David and Roger) are real or fake?

i dont want pay +/- 300 dólares for one fake autograph.


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Ouch........... AWFUL! NOT AUTHENTIC!

Really bad fake!



My nominee for worst Floyd fake of the month.  If it were real -- it would go for more than $300 bucks as these two are tough to get together on one item.  90% or more of the Pink Floyd autographs on eBay are fake. 

I've seen very very few Waters and Gilmour signed items hit the market in the past few years I've been collecting Floyd. Most have been at astronomical eBay BIN prices or via an auction house. I would even up the value of an authentic to be well past $600 on a photo. To reiterate everyone though, horrible attempt, not sure if the forger knows what their signatures look like. Of course, EBay supported.



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