Hi, this item was bought in 1999/2000 at Starabilia's in Downtown Disney in Orlando.  

I've compared each signature to hundreds of others, especially Roger and David and there seems to be consistency, however the first 'R' in Rogers doesn't look like any other one I've found.  I do not know when and if everyone signed at the same time and how long.  I know personally my signature has evolved over the years. 

My main area of concern is, other than no COA, which may or may not have been provided at time of purchase I read about a bunch of forgeries that were sold at this specific Starabilia's.  However I couldn't find anything about it when I searched most recently.

My dad paid about $800 for this.  I'm getting this professionally authenticated but apparently a group autograph is rare considering Wright's untimely death and someone told me David Gilmour isn't a big autograph signer.  Anyone heard this too?

Nick Mason's signature is in a difficult place, but I'll get more photos if need be.  This is a preliminary excursion.  

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Ouch - this is horrifing item! One of the worst fakes I have ever seen.

they didnt even try to pretend to fake them .they just made up what ever they felt like

I am so sorry but this a TERRIBLE FAKE... One of the worst attempts on Pink Floyd I've ever seen... :( Better just bury this or put in the storage...

And yes, original Pink Floyd fully-signed items are extremely rare and very pricey (way beyond $800) these days... Roger's or Nick's autograph alone is worth like $200. David is very elussive and signs on extremely rare occasions, did just a few signings within past 10 years or so. I've had to travel all the way to the UK to get his autograph and yet, he didn't sign any of classic Floyd stuff (was able to get him on solo album as well as The Endless River).

Starabilia = Crapabilia

Very poor fakes. Sorry. Don't waste any money on further authentication.

Yeah, okay, hyperbole is unnecessary but thanks anyway.  

And no offense, but given I don't know anyone's credentials on here I'll defer to the experts.  This is now a very disappointing day and I'd prefer no one else pile on the excrement.  

Okay, so why is it overwhelmingly fake?  Are you 1000% sure and why should I consider your opinion more valid than some other random a****** on the internet (there's a lot of those).  

I am certain these are not genuine. The "why" - for this small post lets just say they bear no resemblance whatsoever to authentic, known exemplars. If in doubt, send a scan, a good scan, and $15 to Rock and Roll expert Roger Epperson fir his "quick opnion" and you will get your answer soon enough. See link below - look for "autograph authentication". 

Roger Epperson

Here is a genuine David Gilmour (click for full image):

Let me show you couple of authentic ones in attachment and compare them for yourself. Completely different handwritting and characterstics. I dont know who signed this item, but it definately wasnt Nick, Roger, Rick or Dave. There are difficult items which are very hard to "decide" - this one isnt. Brief study of their signs is more than enough.

No offense, because I understand the frustration of finding out something that cost a lot of money is fake and it can bring up emotions.

That being said, you asked for opinions on here and if you feel the need to spend money on expert opinions...Please do...But if I were you I would cut my losses.

These don't look anything like real signatures of Pink Floyd. The quality of the pictures you posted aren't great (dark and a bad angle on the 2nd picture) however they are 1000% apparent they aren't real sorry to say.

It can be hard to hear, but don't put too much money in authenticating it further. Do quick opinion through Roger Epperson or PSA if you must.

easy way to calm you down .there are a few so called experts.they charge 15$ for a quick opinion

why dont u send them pictures and get  there oppinions before u spend a few hundred .



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