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Supposedly signed in Germany in 1971.

I´m not an expert but I sure do have a pretty good feeling about these signatures.

What do you guys think?


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This appears as the others to me - quite different. And pen pressure...

We agree to disagree. :)

you must be feeling better
good to see you're still posting mate

Yes, I am still here and still kicking :)

Look at these in this context 1971 stylistically:

Seamus, I just mentioned the one thing I noticed that seemed unusually similar, but Roger's set showed it was only a coincidence.

My notations are for observation only. I need rest at this time. 

Can I not respond to your notations or I am forced to simply view comparisons between live ink and a preprint? I never use preprints as exemplars as there’s much you cannot tell about the signatures in a print. Regardless, there are enough comparisons to have little concern. 

With respect to pressure, I also have no issues. For one example of the four, look at Rogers tail to his last name and how he lifts/skips the pen with the finish. You still see that in his current signature, it’s quite common in his quick attack approach.

This set was obviously signed when the paper was on a hard flat surface, thus creating overall consistency, but overall flow / formation / and pressure is consistent to each style

"...Can I not respond to your notations or I am forced to simply view comparisons between live ink and a preprint?..."

With all respect, you can do what you wish - I am out of the running right now. I noted the impression and I note the ink which appears flat/even. I leave the rest to you.


I re-read my response. My tone was way off. I am sorry - it did not come out the way I intended at all.

Best always,


It is an interesting subject indeed. All the sets shown apart from the OP show variations in pen pressure, attack etc..




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