Placebo signed art prints Surrounded by Spies (limited 250 each)


250 hand-numbered art prints featuring the Surrounded By Spies art. Hand-signed by the band and the artist, Mark Reynolds.


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Great find and great price.  Thanks very much for posting this!

Indeed, cool one !  Thanks !!

I got one, the eyes one…i wasnt sure wich to get they are both pretty cool, THANKS

got one nice item thanks

I couldn't choose either. I picked up both, but will probably only display one. Leaning towards the eyes.

Its a hard choice but both are super cool and best of all the song is not crap so it can be displayed with pride

Update: the one with the eyes has sold out.

The signatures are so poor they actually spoil the posters

Please post a pic!

I would but its nearly dark here ill take one tomorrow in daylight 

Hahaha my bad! Thanks.

such a bummer, i hope it is not that bad because…well it would make such a great item

Actually in good light not as bad as i first thought ,not great but not the worst 


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