I inherited hundreds of autographs. Micheal Jackson, nelson Mandela, elizabeth taylor, etc. Political figures, actors, actresses, singers, sports and more. I want to sell the autographs but don't know how to appraise, authenticate or  where to advertise the autographs. I have tried google and calling local hobby shops with no luck. ANY advice or help would be greatly appreciated.



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What rock and roll stuff do you have?

Do you know if the items are authentic?  If not i would post some here to get opinions of members here.   There are many extremely knowledgeable autograph collectors/enthusiasts/experts here....If authentic, you can either sell on here in the Buy/Sell/Trade group, consign to an auction house or sell on your own through Ebay/Craigslist/etc.  Ebay would probably return you the most bang for your buck if you have experience using it.  But it takes a lot of work and they do take a good % (10% to ebay, 3% to paypal).  Most auction houses will take 15-30%.   It might be worth getting the items "authenticated".  While these TPA (third party authenticators) aren't always the most knowledgeable in certain areas, it will help to bring a premium on your items....just my opinion...

I guess this a pretty complex question, since we don't know exactly what you have and how solid the overall authenticity is.  If you have the time and patience, you might want to work through this on an individual item basis - selling items just a few at a time for maximum return.

The forum members can try to help with some of the bigger names, especially more modern ones.

post pics here for advice.

you can also post here to sell on this link


I would start here.  If you can copy the items (higher end names) then get very confident opinions on authenticity. You may also try consigning through Heritage auctions, however, be sure to check on the percentage they take for sold items.  Another website I would suggest is www.rrauction.com  very reputable but again check on their commission percentage.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Curious to see what you have...



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