Hello everybody!!

I absolutly love when members here at AML post examples of beautiful autographs that they have in their collection. So I thought I should start a thread where everyone who wants, can post a photo of their favorite autograph and maybe write some info about why you especially like this one!

Hopefully some members will chip in!! :-)

Ok, I´ll start:

My favorite autograph is a 10x8 photo signed by Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven, Max Weinberg, Roy Bittan, Clarence Clemons & Gary Tallent from The E Street Band:

I wanted this so bad when I first saw it, because I´m a huge fan of Springsteen. But unfortunally me economy usually sucks, so it took me a long time to save up enough money to buy it. And every day that went by, I were worried that someone else would buy it before me. So when I finally bought it, I were extremely happy!!! :-)

Someone else??

PS. Sorry if this has been done recently, but I can´t remember seeing a simular thread. I know that there is a thread about the rarest autograph, but that´s not the same thing... :-)

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 My signed Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris signed 1966 South Bay Annual Karate Championship Program. This was my first major autograph purchase and it is my favorite in my collection.

That´s so cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

Very cool, J. Seah.  I still enjoy watching early Chuck Norris movies like "Forced Vengeance."

Hello woooow.......that cool......it is very rare in the world.you know we can't find it in china here.I am from China.fans of Bruce too.

That is one cool set of autographs. So super rare Bruce Lee and then you have Chuck Norris right next to it.  Fantastic piece of history!

Nice ones!! I have a ton I like, but I am a big Mantle and Maris fan and picked this one up a couple years ago...

Holy crap, NICE piece Kevin.

Thanks Ryan!  Yea, I've always loved the story of that magic season.

Very nice, Kevin.

Thx Christopher!

killer !

Thats beautiful


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