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Is a Prince autograph you're considering buying real or fake? Get opinions from collectors who study Prince here, preferably before you buy or sell.

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Prince authenticity opinions please?

Another Prince for authenticity opinions please:

What do you guys think of this?

I don’t think so. 

Yeah that's what I thought too.

Oh this is where I should have started.

I'm new and glad I found this forum!  This is an 8x10 I bought off ebay in the early 90's... REAL or FAKE you think?  Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to say it's definitely not real in my opinion.

Hey guys - another autograph to get your opinion on. I'll preface this this with the fact that Roger Epperson has already given his quick opinion and thought it was likely not authentic. That being said, unfortunately I was caught up in the moment and had already purchased it! If it is indeed fake and if f I'm to get my money back, I need to get as much ammo as possible. 

I found this poster at Art of Music at MGM Las Vegas, who are apparently known for sometimes being less than honest. It's supposedly a Lovesexy concert poster signed by Prince himself in 1986.

I appreciate any and all feedback. If the general consensus is that it's a fake, any recommendations on who best to involve or how to proceed would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, and much appreciated.


Yes, I think this is fake as well.  

If I were you, I would start an entirely separate discussion.  That’s what’s normally done whether one is wanting opinions on Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, or whoever.  You’d go into their particular forum and start a discussion about your particular item.  

That way it doesn’t get lost in the crowd, and it’s more easily and quickly accessible.  It might get more easily noticed, possibly getting you more opinions.  Just an idea.


Thanks for the reply. I will definitely do that.


How about this one?



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