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Is a Prince autograph you're considering buying real or fake? Get opinions from collectors who study Prince here, preferably before you buy or sell.

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do you think the fact its on letterhead of where he was found would make it more valuable than 1500?


The photo you posted doesn't show the autograph as well as it needs to in order for you to get the best advice from us. Can you scan it in higher resolution? That will make a big difference in how we can help.

is this any sharper? let me know

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No, sorry. It looks the same, is very small and seems not to be in color. 

Right as can be

I like the condition description: This Album is in excellent Condition. It was Sold to Us by Reputable individual

I would say they need to review their reputable individuals better.


What about this one?

I am still not very good at this Daniel, but hope that it is real for you.  Is it yours, or considering it.  Prince's autographs seem to be getting harder to get so please be careful


Here's a card that's on ebay for 5k, it's been in a fire.
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These xmas cards have dropped in price, one of them is done to 499 and the other 2500,but there roached.
Interesting one, Daniel. I think it has a decent chance of being genuine, but you really need to get a pro on it, like Roger Epperson.



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