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Is a Prince autograph you're considering buying real or fake? Get opinions from collectors who study Prince here, preferably before you buy or sell.

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Hello guys I need some help with this prince autograph any help would be appreciated
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I'm not sure. It looks a bit off to me, but it could be good.

Here's a wider shot
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Where's this one for sale nic?
I dont think it's real, but make sure you get epperson to help you if needed.
There's not many real ones on the market.
Thanks guys i do need more help with this one. I'm new at this ,how do I contact epperson ?

Theres a 15 dollar fee for his opinion. Just send a scan of what you want to have authenticated.
Thanks you so much I knew I came to the right place ,I will give it a try and keep you guys updated.
I can count on one hand how many authentic prince signatures on ebay. Very few, Nic.

Good luck.

Thanks, Nicolas. I'm glad you found us.

You're probably right, Paul. I've only been seriously studying Prince since he died, so anything I think has even a remote chance one way or the other, I want to bump upstairs.

Actually i just seen Nic's wider shot scan and that definitely could have a chance. The scans look so different zoomed in and an angles.
Im leaning on the side of authentic, but he is sending it to the right person.



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