I am trying to learn more about recognizing a preprinted autographs. This one is from JSA site as authentic - but there are little dots mainly along the edges of letters. I did not see them until I used a magnifying glass. Does this look preprinted or live - and if live what causes the little pin-prick dots. Thanks.

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Live ink will fluoresce in the glare of a light - black often looks orange. Preprinted signatures are part of the photograph and will not do so. Of course an Autopen will do the same - but will not display the clean trail off shown here in the last bit of the underline.

Hey Keith! I wrote with a sharpie on a glossy picture so I see what you mean - it almost looks like gas in water on a driveway in the sun. I want to bid on something SOOOO bad and the auction told me it looked like sharpie on top of the picture - and Michael Schroeder told me it looked like an authentic BB King signature, but when I enlarged the photo and looked with a magnifying glass I see these dots. I do see where the ink crosses over intersecting points and on the second *B* the light glare looks different, but look at the first line of the *N* - do you see the little dots along the edges? 

If that is live ink it certainly looks hand signed. From what I can see those "dots" appear to be digital artifacts of the scan.

What does that mean? Like from when the auction scanned it to site?

Hi Kim,

Exactly, from what I can see. Please note I have not authenticated the signature.

Eric :)

Understand. That is why I asked Michael. I read through all the posts on The God of the Blues and everyone seemed to refer to Michael. (Nice guy!) He thought it was authentic but had concerns about it being live and suggested I ask if it looked like ink was on top of the picture. Thanks for the info Eric. I will keep you posted!

My pleasure and please do.

I got BB and it is beautiful!! It is definitely signed live. You can see the imprint of sharpie on the back - and I took a q-tip and just on a tiny area of a line I rubbed it and got ink off! SO excited! 



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