I got this offered. Seller claims he got it signed during signing session in 1988 at the WOM store in Hamburg. As I am not firm with Prince autographs and this one looks not like known legit ones I googled I would like to know your thoughts

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I’ve never seen one like this either.  I seen the “Love God” part.  Many times he would then sign either “P+” or “P88”.  I see “+” in a circle and “88” but see no “P”.  I wouldn’t trust it.

That should be “have seen.”  Typo.

Thanks that all made me wonder too. But wouldn'z a fogger sign the most importend part P in any case? How about the Sheila E also ver uncommen don't you think?

Prince wasn't doing his "circle" or symbol in 1988.  Even the "88" is all wrong. This is not authentic. 


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