Here's an epic fail... 

PSA/DNA has slabbed this 1982 ASA Mantle #21 listed by eBay seller megsnbacon2014 as "Authentic". There's one problem... it is a facsimile autograph. 

Somebody didn't do their research and/or verify it was ACTUAL INK on the card. This is absolutely pathetic for a $100+ "Mantle Service" at PSA/DNA.

Here is what the card looks like, every #21 in this set has this facsimile autograph on it. Here is also a link detailing this set:

Epic fail, and because of this a $1 card will magically turn into $100+ i'm sure. Such a joke.

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You don't even need to verify there is actual ink on the card. The fact that the signature abruptly ends at the edge of the photo is pretty solid evidence the signature is part of the photo.

Lol great point Steve... $100 "service" for this! 

Now they're routinely blowing stuff they should be able to handle.  Feels like the quality of this company is in a freefall.

Wow. that's crazy - good observation Ryan.

GA isn't even that stupid.

Maybe the psa dna authentication is fake ? 

It's not fake it's a laughable mistake. The cert checks out on their site.



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