Hi all,

I was doing some research on the PSA/DNA oval shaped stickers that get attached to signed items that are authenticated by PSA and noticed that some oval stickers were coloured white while others were coloured silver.

Is there a difference between the two? Is one used over the other for specific items or is one an older version than the other? I can't really seem to find a definitive answer.


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For me, I hate stickers - free advertising, vandalism...can I put a sticker on your car? Your painting? Look where they are placed! Look at the colors. They nearly overtake anything they are applied to. And if the TPA goes belly up? Can they be removed? Will they be a hindrance? I do not buy, sell or recommend anything with such damage.

From what I have learned, PSA tried a metallic type sticker for a brief period in late 2009 to early 2010. They returned to the red, white, and blue stickers. Their reasoning for the reversal was for "aesthetic reasons".

Hmm that's interesting. I have a couple signed jerseys with the silver oval sticker except searching the PSA number on their verification database shows that the items were signed in the presence of a PSA rep in the last couple years (2017 for one and 2018 for the other) so I'm concerned as to why the silver ones were used so recently.

Unless they use the silver ones for signed in the presence of a rep and white ones for general verification? Might have to email PSA to find out.

There could be a difference. Here is a link to what I have referred to.


Yeah I saw that during my research and reading it is the reason I bring this question up on here...I def feel like I'll have to contact PSA now.

TPA's make many mistakes. Gleason for one. When a TPG goes belly up stickers will be a hindrance. IMHO. 

Do you feel that PSA and JSA will go belly up?

I would say eventually, yes. If you keep track of the mistakes they have made this could be true now. Just look at PSA Facts Gleason page - more than half are secretarial or plain forgeries.

The PSA Facts envelope signed is factually signed by Sydell Spears, and this is unacceptable. Look under "Honeymooners" to see a number of forged non secretarial Gleason's. 

If you must have a sticker, please get it on on the cert, or the Reverse of the item if necessary. This is vandalism, free brand advertising. What so you get?  Sticker a Monet? I don't think so. Ever see a Hendrix with the sticker on the front? Beatles? Few and far between if at all. I often say, would you have sticker on your vintage car? Old Master Painting? I think not. The amount of TPG mistakes...you got good material you do not need a sticker or a cert. IMHO.  I have not. I have never "submitted" - the very word is offensive.  

I'm not sure what you are talking about as I'm NOT asking about getting a sticker put on anything?

Im asking what the difference between the sticker colours is.

Sorry, I misunderstood, E. I don't think hardcore collectors use or need such services. My Rock and Roll collection cost way less than submission fees. I do my own work. 

i like these holograms on photo's with number and matching number certificate...most of mine autographed photo's are in frames and to proof the photo belongs to the certificate i don't have to open the frame. 




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