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Does questionable authenticity mean that they (PSA) aren't comfortable giving their opinion on the autograph or does it mean they are ruling in not genuine?

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If they aren't comfortable giving an opinion, it would come back as "inconclusive."

Do they ever respond as "not genuine" (I know they respond "not likely genuine" on Quick Opinions)?

Just curious if they will have a more definitive answer for items they know without a doubt are fake. 

No. They only respond "not likely genuine".

The response I received on an item was "QUESTIONABLE AUTHENTICITY". So they don't ONLY respond with "not likely genuine". I'm trying to understand if they are saying "we don't believe this to be genuine" or "we just aren't sure"

It means that they don't believe it to be genuine. They were able to render an opinion and the item didn't pass.

OK. Thanks for your input. 

Never seen them do that before. Guess that is better than "not likely genuine" although they basically mean the same.

I hadn't seen it either. I'm also pretty sure that they are wrong about the item. Nonetheless, I appreciate the input and I do believe that you are correct when you say it basically means the same. I just wanted some other thoughts. Thanks

Not that I know of.



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