Brian Jones Signed Fan Club Card Failed PSA Quick Opinion

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Is there a pen lift at the start of the "s"?

It looks like the e and the s are not connected at the base.

Yes, it does look that way.. It looks like an uncomfortable signature.

so you think PSA QO got the Brian Jones right?

I don't place any value on Quick Opinions. As I said, they are not useful enough to use here to sell something. There is a reason for that.

Chas - I find your card interesting.  I'm not sure I am following this though.  Is the fan club card something that you have seen on eBay and you are asking opinions on?  Did you get a favorable QO from PSA on it or no?

There is another thread - this was declined by PSA.

I’m going to move this to The Rolling Stones forum. I should probably change the title as well.

That would be helpful...thanks!

No problem.

PSA quick opinions are worthless Imo




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