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I've sent PSA at least 10 "QuickOpinion" requests and every single one of them has come back "Likely Not Genuine". Several from eBay auctions and other auctions. 

Has anyone ever received a "Likely Genuine" opinion before? I feel like if I sent them some photos/links of items I know to be 100% genuine they'll even come back "not genuine..."

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Several reasons the Stones was authentic, one being provenance.
I had a convo with one of the auction team who has known the seller a long time.
He is respected dealer and longtime collector, who obtained the signatures personally. 
2. Mr. Roger Epperson gave the green light
3. Analysis, comparing it to other exemplars and their handwriting style. 

That works for me! I just didn't care for the Brian Jones, although I'm not a Stones expert.

That's the problem with this hobby, it's based on opinion.

The big TPA's failing legit pieces has left a bad taste in my mouth though.

They have too much undeserved power in the autograph market. 


I submit to Quick Opinion regularly, 3-4 a month, and have done so for several years.  75% of my submissions come back genuine.  And I'm grateful for the "not genuines" because it saves me money.  All but one of my "likely genuines" went on to pass full certification.  I go to PSA in person and know several of their employees; they all express amazement that more ebayers do not use Quick Opinion.

In his book 'Mint Condition', Dave Jamieson explains how these TPA's show favoritism to big dealers and repeat clients who submit regularly.

If they're so good BGK, then please explain why these so-called autograph "experts" deem genuine pieces as not authentic?

I don't really feel the need to explain anything.  I simply stated my own experience.  I may be a regular submitter, but 3-4 a month hardly qualifies me as a big dealer.  Others on this site have explained at length how genuine autographs could be deemed likely not authentic.

Several times a month is likely enough for them to want to keep you a returning customer.

"Others on this site have explained at length how genuine autographs could be deemed likely not authentic" - this isn't rocket science, and doesn't require an in depth explanation... If "experts" fail authentic autographs it's because they're incompetent, and shouldn't have any authority what-so-ever, period.



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