Puig forgery on a cheap ball listed by eBay seller bjsautos86 who from the looks of it has a whole lot of crap.

"Comes with COA", of course doesn't mention from where. Looks like "The Auto Scouts" junk. It's unreal how many forgeries are on eBay.


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eBay has done nothing about this thief, take a look at this junk: 


Typical "The Auto Scouts" eBay scammer that ebay and wannabe autograph collectors seem to LOVE.


Just so bad.


This new ebay ID is only 2 months old and he's already collecting hundreds if not thousands of dollars already.  If they catch on to one ID, just pop up another one.  What a joke.

I've exposed/reported probably 30 "The Auto Scouts" eBay IDs already, as soon as one goes down, another pops up. At any given time I can find probably 15-20. It's UNREAL what these scammers will do to continue slanging their junk.

ridiculous.  if eBay actually wants to do something why not start banning IP's.  Just ridiculous how they allow it to continue.

I am tempted to create an eBay ID that I will use to win their auctions, and leave negative feedback. (and of course never pay)

LOL these "The Auto Scouts" scammers are even "buying" their own items and leaving feedback on their own items to scam people. LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!

eBay scammer bjsautos86 had his fellow forgery pal celebsnsports buy some items and leave "A+++ PASSED JSA!" as feedback. WOWWWWWWWW.

Here is the Tom Brady ball that sold for a whopping $22.50. This did NOT pass JSA.


Once again, "The Auto Scouts" are the ULTIMATE eBay scammers.

Wow.  That is just unreal.

Wow, celebsnsports might want to actually look at what a real Aaron Rodgers looks like.  The location of the "12" inscription is hilarious.



These forgery sellers think they are so smart, when in fact they are so dumb it's hilarious. 

You know you're a piece of $h!t when you forge a Bible verse inscription. Just unbelievable.


I feel the same, Id like to see some broken fingers.



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