Puig/Manning/Sports Forgeries eBay seller cheeseheadsportsstore THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Here is yet another "The Auto Scouts" eBay thief selling horrific homemade forgeries for profit on eBay. These are PROFESSIONAL EBAY SCAMMERS who survive via eBay selling cheap forgeries to morons. This is a new "The Auto Scouts" account, eBay seller cheeseheadsportsstore

For those who don't know "The Auto Scouts" are a forgery ring based out of Ohio that slangs TONS of forgeries on eBay daily. At any given time they have several eBay IDs selling this crap. They have made up tons of bogus "COAs" with BS "Company Names".

Here a link to this SCAMMER's store:


Here is a hilarious Peyton Manning forgery:


Laughable Puig:


This forgery ring has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars on eBay and eBay does NOTHING about it, except dance in the money they make off of blatant cheap FORGERIES. Truly sickening operation created by the scum of the Earth. 

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Anyone who bids on that gets what they deserve.  That's about as lazy a forgery as it gets.

Look at the Manning on this "team signed" Broncos jersey. ROFL:


Some moron paid $71 for this Puig "signed" bat from eBay thief cheaheadsportsstore

I am CRYING LAUGHING at how bad this is!


Seems like Ebay is content to watch itself turn into ioffer.



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