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Does anyone know why the partially-signed "White album" was pulled from Bonhams sale this week?

It was signed by three of the Beatles, including John and Paul. Not totally sure of the third but I think it was George. The estimate was a whopping £80 - 100k.

If anyone copied an image of it before it was pulled that would be interesting to see too. It doesn't appear to be in the pdf catalogue and is not in the relevant department's auction preview either. 


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Here it is. Look closely at each signature.

Thanks Ballroom. Obviously I muddled up George and Ringo.

I remember not being totally convinced by any of the signatures or the provenance.

My skepticism was more of a "gut feel" thing. Do you think they are in the same hand - or at least the John and the Ringo?


I think the John and Paul are authentic. Let’s see what people think about the Ringo.


Yep. I don’t know if that’s why it was pulled from the auction.

If I follow correctly only Ringo is by Aspinall. I wonder why he didn't do a George too.

That’s how it appears to me. I was also wondering why he didn’t sign for George. Perhaps he thought that George was going to sign it.

Its a forgers excellent work & folks are getting to know the style esp

'The Beatles' Msg E&S at the ending , nothing more too say .

The Paul and John look spot-on to me. The Ringo is a secretarial by Aspinall, which was not identified as such in Bonham's sale. That's why it was pulled.

Are you sure that’s why it was pulled? I could understand if Aspinall had signed for Paul or John, but an Aspinall Ringo isn’t going to affect the value all that much with no George. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just modified the description considering that most of the value is still there.

I'm not sure but I assume that's the case. Correcting themselves wouldn't inspire confidence from a lot of collectors. Bonham's experts can't identify an Aspinall? It makes them look bad and could affect confidence in other lots. 

That’s a good point, although it’s quite an item to have to cancel. I believe that PSA, JSA and Beckett have all authenticated Aspinall secretarials. It’s bad when they’re part of a full set, but missing an Aspinall Ringo on an item with no George isn’t completely surprising.


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