What is the reputation of sellingitall4you on ebay? Would like to get opinions if they are fake or real autographs. 


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I wouldn't touch the Rodgers or Lacy.  If you're looking for either of those, check out Waukesha Sports Card.  Lacy's been in the store for signings (public and private) a few times the past couple years.  Don't touch anything with a GA sticker.

Thanks, I'll check it out. What's the deal with GA stickers?

Let's just say some third-party authenticators have fairly strong reputations, others not so much. Just do a search on here and you'll find lots of discussions about TPAs. PSA/DNA and JSA carry the most weight, but nobody's perfect.

GA is trash.  My conclusion used to be that they were sloppy and incompetent.  But, now, having seen how much aggressive damage they're doing in apparently authenticating basically straight forgeries, I think they exist to empower forgers and forgery-based businesses.  I consider them one of the prime "bad guys" in this hobby.

Seller already got called out once for a fake Lacy.

The ones I am familiar with (Gronk, Richard Sherman, and Gretzky) are forgeries imo.

I would wait for others to chime in though.



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