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Quickly!Uma thurman,Kate Beckinsale,Angelin jolie,Patrick Stewart authentic?

Please, help, urgent. Im looking to purchase either of these autographs that have been given to me for a good offer. Here is a kate beckinsale autograph, an Uma thurman, angelina jolie, and patrick stewart. Can someone please help me out and tell your opinion on whether or not they are authentic. Thank you!

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So the jolie look good, it doesnt seemd rushed or anything. 

The Patrick Stewart autograph may simply be a rushed street autograph.  The “P” begins normally, followed by the remainder in a continuous flow.  The two are typically not combined.  That may be why it is confusing.

What do you think about angelina jolie?

I am not familiar with her autograph.

what about Thurman or Beckinsale, are you familiar with theres by any chance? Thank you!

No.  I am not familiar with their autographs.

toppix was just online and was hoping they would answer your concerns but he is gone a minute ago...

Toppix has responded to my conerns and reassured me it is %100 authentic and is backed by their lifetime guarentee if deemed otherwise. Since Toppix is a highly reputable and has an extremely well off name for itself, without having any problems in the past, i have chosen to take their word for it and purchase. Anything couldve happened during the signing of these photographs am i right? Just curious, what choice would you have made if you were in my shoes, i want to know whether or not i made a sensible decision. Thank you!

If you plan to collect autographs that are signed on the street, you will often purchase items that will not pass a TPA.  That should not concern you if you trust the seller.

i think you did well and sometimes it's better to trust the seller ''in this case toppix'' than opinions from others. i told you before that street signings are different than when celebritys sign on conventions comfortable on a table. i know i did not tell you this in so many words but on the street a autograph looks most of the time as a scribble and is hard to authenticate. enjoy your autographed items and don't worry to much because you also have to feel good about what you bought.

Jolie I know well and it's fine, nicely signed too. The others I don't know well enough to comment. Toppix is a very reputable company.

Also, jolies on Newgraphs(toppix) was going for $95 which i was then able to bring down to $73. Does that sound right for a jolie. Thank you!


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